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Thread: Luggage carts and Elevators at Gare Du Nord

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    Default Luggage carts and Elevators at Gare Du Nord


    I am taking the eurostar train from Paris Gare Du Nord to London. I will have four suit-cases and a stroller with a kid. I am wondering if there will be luggage carts that can be used to push one's own luggage at the Gare Du Nord. Also, will there be elevators/lifts to go from one level to another at this station ? I will need to go from the Metro Terminal to the Eurostar terminal.

    In general, can I count on luggage carts and elevators/lifts at the Paris Metro and RER stations ?

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    I would definitely not take a Metro to Gare du Nord since you will be traveling with four suitcases and a child and stroller, alone I assume. Take a taxi and you will avoid stairs at Metro stations, since only SOME Metro stations have escalators/elevators. Many stations have escalators UP from the platforms to the street and stairs DOWN from the street to the platforms.

    I'm not aware of luggage carts being available at Gare du Nord. You will not find them at Metro stations in central Paris. Once at Gare du Nord there are elevators/escalators to get you from one level to another.

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