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Thread: 12 hour layover

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    Default 12 hour layover

    12 hour layover. Arrive in the AM on Thursday, want to go to St. Michel Norte Dame, have lunch, return to CHG. I need to figure out, take the blue line? Is it the train in or metro? Which billet should I buy, and how much? How much time should I allow to and from.

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    You take the "Blue Line," which is RER B from CDG to the St. Michel-Notre Dame station in central Paris. Follow the signage ("RER B, Paris par train, Paris by train") to get to the station at CDG. The trip takes about 40 minutes, depending on stops prior to St. Michel and depart approximately every 15 minutes. RERs are suburban trains to/from central Paris, operating above and below ground. The Metros are subways operating mainly underground within central Paris. RER tickets cost about 9 Euros, each way, and can be purchased at the RER station at CDG either from a vending machine (assuming you have a smart-chip credit card) or at a ticket window.
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