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Thread: only 4 hours in Paris

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    Smile only 4 hours in Paris

    hello, I am arriving alone at CDG on Sunday, September 19th at 08:30 hrs. I have to get to the Gare de l'est to take a train to Basel, Switzerland at 12:24. Figure I should be there by noon.

    Since I barely have 3 hours wanted to take a quick ride to see the tour Effel. Can you explain the simplest way to take the Metro to the tour Effel and how to get back to the Gare du l'est.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    From Gare de l'Est Metro take Metro 7; direction: Mairie d'Ivy
    Exit at Opera
    Take Metro 8; direction: Balard
    Exit Ecole Militaire

    From Ecole Militaire Metro Take Metro 8; direction: Cretiel-Prefecture
    Exit at Opera
    Take Metro 7; direction: La Courneuve-8-Mai-1945
    Exit at Gare de l'Est

    Each trip should take about 25 minutes (1 hour round-trip). The Ecole Militaire Metro station is at the base of the Champ de Mars, the park on which the Eiffel Tower sits. The Tower is at the other end of this park. You will have a great view of and can walk toward the Tower. Look at a map of Paris to orient yourself and visualize what I'm writing about. Because of visitors waiting in line to get into the Tower, you will not have time do actually enter the Tower. I strongly caution you to be very aware of the time involved in getting from CDG (getting through customs, etc.) to Gare de l'Est. You probably don't really have three hours "free time." You might want to consider exiting Metro 8 at Opera and seeing the old Paris Opera House (Opera Garnier) which is adjacent to this stop. This building is worth a visit. "The Phamtom of the Opera" book/musical is based on this building.

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