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Thread: directions & help from Louvre area

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    Default directions & help from Louvre area

    My family of 4 adults and 1 child are staying across from the Louvre at the Hotel Relais du Louvre and want to take a train from Gare de Lyon to Avon/Fountanbleau. Can you help us with a few questions?
    • Can we ride the metro to Gare de Lyon and how long will it take?
    • If we have metro tickets, can we use these for the train?
    • If not, how early do we need to get to Gare de Lyon to purchase tickets? (We'd like to catch a train around 8:30am)
    • We have tickets for a Ste Chappelle concert at 7pm that night. What return train should we take?
    • How can we get from Gare de Lyon to Ste Chappelle?
    • How long will that take?
    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Take the M1 Metro from Louvre-Rivoli; Direction: Chateau Vincennes; Exit at Gare de Lyon. 10 minutes for this trip.
    You cannot use your Metro ticket to get from Gare de Lyon to Fontainebleau
    I would get to the Gare de Lyon one hour before departure to purchase SNCF tickets. The trains depart Gare de Lyon for Fontainebleau-Avon every half hour. 45 minutes for this trip.
    The SNCF trains depart Fontainebleau for Gare de Lyon every half hour for your return. 45 minutes for the return to Paris.
    From Gare de Lyon take M14 Metro; Direction: Saint-Lazare; Exit at Chatelet. Walk to Ste Chapelle. 20 minutes.

    You can calculate which Metro/SNCF train you will take to depart/arrive at your desired times by the travel times shown.

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    That's exactly what we needed. Thanks so much for taking the time. Have a great day. Tebo

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