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Thread: Lockers for luggage at CDG?

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    Default Lockers for luggage at CDG?

    I will be arriving at 8:30am at CDG, Term 2E, then scheduled to take a TGV at 3:40pm from CDG to the west. I plan to take the RER B to St. Michel/Notre Dame, then back to CDG in time for the TGV.
    1. Is there a convenient luggage locker at Term 2E? How much?
    2. How much travel time should I estimate to and from Notre Dame?
    3. Conservatively I estimate about 3 hours actual sight-seeing time. Does this sound right?
    4. Are there better sight-seeing options closer to CDG to pass the 7 hrs?

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    I'm not sure my response will completely answer or satisfy you, but here goes:

    There are NO lockers at CDG. Security. There is a "left luggage service," called "Baggage du Monde," in Terminals 1,2A&2F. You give your luggage to a person; it's scanned and stored. I believe they have a "6 hour minimum." What that means, I have no idea. It probably just involves minimum cost. I have no idea what that cost is. I can't believe that, let's say, after four hours you can't get your luggage back. But, then, who knows, right? Problem may be finding the Baggage du Monde upon arrival. I've found that most French employees of CDG are very helpful and at least will point you in the right direction if you simply ask for Baggage du Monde if they don't speak English. Of course, if you speak French, perfect.

    Another option you have is to take the "RER B" train, which you would take anyway to St. Michel Notre Dame from CDG, and hop off at the Gare du Nord. Gare du Nord does have lockers I am told. Remember though that these lockers only take Euro COINS. Cost is a 3-4 Euros I believe. You would then hop back on the RER B and exit at St. Michel Notre Dame.

    The RER B trips takes about 1/2 hour directly to St. Michel Notre Dame from CDG. Obviously, you add time if you are doing the Gare du Nord thing.

    So, the best and most convenient option seems to be Baggage du Monde at CDG, assuming you can get that 6 hour thing straightened out. If you go this route, be sure to ask how long it takes to retrieve your bag when you return to CDG (RER B again) from St. Michel Notre Dame and, most importantly, their hours of operation.

    One thing I definitely would not do is take your luggage with you and try to enter any public building--Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, etc.

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