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Thread: Help ASAP please! CDG to Gare du Nord to nantes

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    Unhappy Help ASAP please! CDG to Gare du Nord to nantes

    HI! I am flying into CDG and from there trying to get to Gare du Nord to catch the last train to Nantes. If my flight lands in time and my bags dont get lost I will have an hour to get to Gare du Nord and purchase my ticket to Nantes. I understand that I will take an RER train to get to du Nord but once I get there I get a little confused. The train to Nantes is high speed and the schedule said something about TGV Atlantic but I am getting confused with that and Eurostar (du nord).

    Where do I find the TGV Atlantic at du Nord?

    Where and/or can I purchase my ticket to Nantes in the du Nord station? ( i cant purchase it online because im not sure if I will make it in time)

    What/where is gare Montparnasse? Is that the Nantes train station?

    Please help me if you can!

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    Hi Snoyes,

    TGV trains from Paris to Nantes leave from Gare Montparnasse, not Gare du Nord.

    To get to Gare Montparnasse from CDG Airport, take the RER B train from CDG to Paris until Denfert Rochereau station. Switch to Metro Line 6 (using same ticket) direction Etoile until Montparnasse Bienvenue station. This is the Metro station for Gare Montparnasse. Follow the overhead signs for "Grandes Lignes" which will have a TGV train graphic on them to help you find your way to the main train lines. Once you've gone up 2 levels to the main station level you can purchase tickets either through the yellow automated ticket vending machines (if you have a European credit card with chip & PIN) or via the ticket office which is on the north west corner of the Montparnasse station (see this photo tour of Gare Montparnasse which will have photos of the train station, including the ticketing office and a map showing the part of the ticket office for sales of train tickets that are leaving within the hour "Billets Départs Immédiats" (Tickets for Immediate Depatures).

    Once you have your ticket in hand you'll need to find which lane your TGV train to Nantes is parked at. This will be shown on the large overhead Departures Board, which lists all trains, their unique number, their final destination, time of departure, and which lane the train is parked. Note that lanes will not be listed until 20 minutes before departure and it is not possible to know where a train is parked until this time.

    Don't worry about the name "TGV Atlantic". All TGV trains are operated by SNCF and they've named the various high speed lines Atlantic, Est, etc., but they're all part of the same national rail company, using the same ticketing system.

    The last train to Nantes from Montparnasse train station leaves at 9:40 PM during weekdays and 8:50PM on Saturday. If you're not arriving at CDG Airport before 8PM (or 7PM on Saturday), I'm doubtful whether you'll make this last train and I suggest you make arrangements for staying the evening in Paris.

    Hope this helps,

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