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Thread: CDG to Bastille area

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    Default CDG to Bastille area

    We are arriving at CDG (Terminal 2B) appx 8pm on April 1. I understand that the cheapest way to get to our lodging is using the RER train. Seems like the nearest station to Bastille is Chatelet Les Halles (is this correct?). When we get there do we then transfer to a Metro train to get to the Bastille station? Or is it close enough to walk? Address is 75 rue de Lyon. Thanks.

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    Hi Ajanne,

    Your hotel at 75 rue de Lyon is very close to Bastille Metro station. Nice choice.

    Don't walk from Chatelet Les Halles to Bastille: this is quite a distance.

    The simplest route to get from CDG Airport to your hotel at Bastille would be: RER B train CDG to Paris Chatelet les Halles, transfer to Metro line 1, direction Chateau de Vincennes until Bastille station, using the same ticket (which is good until you leave the RER/Metro system within central Paris).

    Get off at Bastille station and walk the short distance to your hotel (I recommend using Google Street View to get an idea of Bastille & your hotel before you arrive).

    The closest RER station to your hotel would be Gare de Lyon which is along the RER A train, but it doesn't make sense to transfer twice, RER B train to RER A train, to Metro Line 1, to get to Bastille.

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