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Thread: Metro Pass

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    I will be staying for a week in Paris and we will be traveling around Paris on the Metro. What is the best
    way to pay for the trips. Should I buy a pass for the week or buy day tickets in 10 block increments?

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    Please have a read of the article on the homepage on the subject (scroll down to Tickets and Passes)


    But in summary if you stay within Zones 1 and 2 you can buy books of 10 tickets for 1.27 euros per ride, compared with a five day Zone 2 Paris Visite pass for 31.15. So you would need to make more than four or five trips per day to break even on the pass. There is also a cheaper but more complicated pass called the Navigo. Read the explanations and see what you think.

    Benefits of the Paris Visite pass are that you get discounted entry to various tourist attractions. Benefits of the 10-ticket books "carnets" are that you can share the tickets round among people in your group if you have a few left over. You can't share the passes.

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