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Thread: Question on TGV from CDG-DLP

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    Default Question on TGV from CDG-DLP

    I am new to this site

    We have booked TGV from CDG to DLP for November and am trying to find out which platform they normally go from. I have seen all sorts of info on how to get to the station etc but don't want to end up on the wrong platform


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    Your ticket will have the four digit train number on it. When you get to the TGV station ticket hall there is a large indicator board with all the next trains on it. Look for the train with your number. About 15 minutes before departure, the platform number for your train will be displayed. There are lots of signs to the platforms, and each platform has a TV monitor giving the train number and destination including intermediate destinations.

    Your ticket probably doesn't say the final destination of your train. The station for Disneyland is called Marne-la-Vallee-Chessey and is the next station south from CDG. So your train will be bound for Marseilles, Perpignan, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeauz, Nantes or Rennes. It won't be going to the north or east destinations such as Lille, Brussels or Strasbourg.

    Southbound trains usually leave from Platform 4 or 6 at CDG. These are an island platform, so to get from 4 to 6 you turn around and walk four paces. You can't go wrong really. But don't rely on this, check the departure board. There are also platform assistants who can speak English.

    You can see the platform numbers in real time at:


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