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Thread: Traveling between Paris and Parc des Expositions, VillePinte for the Sial exhibition.

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    Default Traveling between Paris and Parc des Expositions, VillePinte for the Sial exhibition.


    I am visiting Paris and will stay there for about a week. I will visit the exhibition in Villepinte (Parc des expositions is the station).

    I will travel from GARE DU NORD to PARC DES EXPOSITIONS between the 20 of October (saturday) to the 25 of October (Thursday). I will travel by morning to the exhibiton at parc des expositions, and arrive back to Gare du nord every evening.

    Which is the cheapest way to travel back and forth during these days? Since I am a visitor in Paris I think the Zone-system could be the cheapest, what do you think?

    Is it true that I will pay from 20-21 and then for a new week for 22 to 25 of october?


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    The link below is the fare calculator for train travel in Paris. With single tickets, your journey is 4 euros each way (no discount for return). You can buy a book of 10 single tickets for 20% off, so that would cost you 32 euros plus 8 euros = 40 euros for the 6 days you plan to travel.

    If you may make some journeys other than the ones to and from Villepinte, a pass may be worthwhile. You would need a 1-5 zone Paris 5 day Visite pass (53.40 euros). This would cover any 5 consecutive days. You could buy single tickets to cover the 6th day.

    The other pass that can be bought is the Navigo. This is 33 euros for the zones you would need, but has the problem that it is only valid from Monday to Sunday as you noted, as well as having a one-off price of 5 euros over and above the weekly price.


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