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Thread: "Safest" way from CDG to Gare du Nord

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    Default "Safest" way from CDG to Gare du Nord

    I have a question about how to get from CDG to Paris late evening/night. Is it safe to travel with RER? How about night busses or taxi? Which buss lines and is there a special night bus stop or taxi stop? How long is the gap between when the last RER leaves CDG and the first night bus leaves? Where do I get tickets for the night bus?
    Last year I took a late flight on a Friday to Paris which should have arrived at CDG at 10 pm. The flight was delayed 1 hour but we thought it still was ok since we would catch the last RER. I donít know if the last RER had gone or if there was something wrong with the RER line but when we arrived at CDG we were told to take some bus from Roissypole. It was a nightmare! What should have been a direct bus to Gare du Nord with no other stops turned out to be a 2 hour trip through the suburbs.

    I will have to take the same late flight on a Wednesday evening and I want to know my options if there is a delay. I am now travelling alone with a younger child and luggage and really need a smooth way to get to Gare du Nord.

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    Hi Emma,

    The best option to travel from CDG Terminal 2 to Gare du Nord in Paris, would be the RER B train from CDG Terminal 2 or 1 arriving directly at Gare du Nord.

    What I'd recommend is actually catching a RER B "express" train, i.e. one that makes no stops only one stop between CDG Terminal 2 and Gare du Nord, (that stop being CDG Terminal 1). This is, in my opinion, the safest and quickest way to Gare du Nord. There are only people coming from the airport (either employees or travelers) going into Paris and there is no chance for kids looking for trouble to get on at various points in between these two stations.

    You can tell which RER B trains are RER B express trains by looking at the overhead screens on the train platform, which shows the four letter "name" of the train. Names starting with the letter "J" are currently the "express" trains traveling in the evening. Right now, when looking at the RER B schedule, I see express trains leaving CDG Terminal 2 at:
    • 9:25
    • 9:40
    • 9:55
    • 10:10
    • 10:40
    • 10:55
    (If you're traveling from CDG Terminal 1, just add 3 minutes to the above departure times from Terminal 2 for the RER B).

    The last of these "express" RER B trains leave Airport CDG Terminal 2 at 22:55 on weekdays, so I'm not sure if this is possible for your late Wednesday night arrival. The last RER B train leaving CDG Terminal 2 is at 23:56, but this train makes stops through various neighbourhoods between CDG Airport and Paris Gare du Nord, some of which are not exactly great areas of town.

    Another option to get into Paris (Opera area, not Gare du Nord) is via the Roissybus, which will stop at Terminal 2, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3/Roissypole. The last bus leaves Terminal 2 at 23:04 and arrives at Opera in about 48 minutes, making only one stop at Terminal 1.

    Another option if you arrive before 11pm would be Les Cars Air France, which is a coach service between CDG Airport and Porte Maillot/Arc de Triomphe/Montparnasse at a cost of 15Ä. The last coach leaves at about 11PM.

    So after 11pm, your choices of getting into Paris safely & quickly, diminish quite rapidly. After this, taxi would seem like the best option.

    Hope this helps,

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