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Thread: Paris train CdG - GdN PLUS sightseeing

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    Default Paris train CdG - GdN PLUS sightseeing

    HAllo Ben

    After reading your very informative site, I want to confirm:

    We, a family of four, 2 adults 2 children (9&12) and our itenary:

    - Arriving at CdG 20:20 on 24 September 2008, will travel to Gare Du Nord only (nearby hotel)
    - 25 Sept 2008, sight seeing the whole day IN Paris;
    - 26 Sept 2008, leave 5:00 from Gare Du Nord -> GdG to catch a flight at 7:40

    Plan A:
    Buy single (or return?) tickets CdG - GdN, for evening of 24 Sept, and morning of 26 Sept back to Cdg
    Buy Tourist tickets for the whole day's trips in Paris

    Does this sound right?

    Thank you very much!

    Pieter from Pretoria, South Africa

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    Default Re: Paris train CdG - GdN PLUS sightseeing

    Hi Pieter,

    If you'd like to see lots of Paris in a single day and just central Paris, I think this might work out for you:

    3 full fare, 1 reduced fare "aller-retour" billets Ile de France from CDG to Paris central (your 9 year old is young enough for reduced fares). You'll receive 8 one way tickets in total.

    When you're in Paris, purchase day passes called Ticket Mobilis, 1-2 zone for your entire family. These will be 5,90 each. No discount for kids. Use those for as many trips on Metro, RER, Bus, Trams, Funiculaire de Montmarte within Paris zones 1-2 as you please.

    Perhaps buy a single carnet of Ticket t+ for the last day in Paris. That would give you and your family 2 one way trips within Paris (with 2 tickets leftover).

    Then use the 4 remaining billets Ile-de-France to return to the CDG Airport the next day.

    Let me know if you have questions on this.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Paris train CdG - GdN PLUS sightseeing

    Thanks a lot Ben, much appreciated!


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