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Thread: 7.5 hr layover in CDG

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    Default 7.5 hr layover in CDG

    My wife and I have a 7.5 hour layover (8:35am arrive/4:05 depart) in CDG coming from Chicago on Christmas Day traveling Air France. I’d like to see Paris and need advice on what’s possible. We have 1 carry on luggage and backpack each with no checked luggage. We’ll have to carry it with us as and would like to store it somewhere.
    Since its Christmas morning, I’m thinking everything is going to be closed. I’d like to go to the Eiffel Tower. I’d also like to see Notre-Dame Cathedral but there is going to be Christmas Mass all day. I doubt I’ll see much of the inside or take pictures.
    Here is the schedule I’m thinking.

    Get out of customs, walk to Terminal 2, withdraw the max from the ATM, and buy two tickets for RER B. Take the express train RER B to Saint-Michel Notre-Dame stop. Get out and find a locker to hold 2 luggage bags and 1 backpack. Transfer to the RER C and get off at the Eiffel tower. After checking that out, get on the RER C and go to Saint-Michel Notre-Dame stop again. See how much of the Cathedral I can see. Then pick up the luggage, take the RER B to the airport, and hopefully have enough time to get on my plane leaving at 4:05pm.

    So here are some of my questions:

    1. Do I have enough time to do this?
    2. What else should I try and see? Museums are closed on Christmas, but I might walk outside and check out the buildings.
    3. Should I try and ride the express B from Terminal 2, or just get on the first RER B I can.
    4. Does the Saint-Michel Notre-Dame stop have a large locker for luggage storage, or will I have to get off at Gare du Nord to store my luggage?
    5. Do I have to get any other tickets or passes to transfer, or will the B ticket work on all RER trains?
    6. How much time will it take to get through security on Christmas day at Terminal 2.
    7. I'm assuming I should buy 2 roundtrip tickets for my wife and myself.

    Thanks for any advice.
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