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Thread: Changing time of journey

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    Default Changing time of journey

    Can I change my time of departure if I have bought non flexible tickets ?

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    If you are talking about the long distance train tickets called "PREMs" that are sold by SNCF (French Railways) then no, you cannot change the time of departure. This is because they are not just a ticket, they are a ticket plus seat reservation package for one specific date and time. When they say "non echangeable, non remboursable" in the terms and conditions, the "non echangeable" part means that you can't exchange the package for another one. You are stuck with it.

    If you have got the ticket type called Loisir Reduit (semi flexible) or TGV Pro (fully flexible) then these are able to be exchanged.

    If you are actually in France you could try going to one of the ticket windows at a station and seeing if the ticket seller will take pity on you and change the time. But I doubt they are even allowed to do it.

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