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Thread: Austerlitz train station

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    Default Austerlitz train station

    thank you for the opportunity to post. We are to meet friends at Austerlitz station before travelling to Toulouse. None of us have been here before. What would be the best place at Austerlitz to arrange to meet them. It will be about 7pm when we wish to meet.

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    I assume you will be taking the overnight train to Toulouse. All the night trains leave from platforms 16 to 21 at Austerlitz. These platforms are in front of a waiting area - there is an "outdoor" area with seats (which is under the station roof, but not inside a waiting room) and there is a waiting room which may be more pleasant if it's cold.

    You can call up a virtual tour of the interior of Austerlitz at the link below - maybe have a look around and agree to meet at some point that takes your fancy. Or just meet in the waiting room - it's not huge and you'll easily be able to see each other.


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