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Thread: Dfiferences of Paris Visite card?

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    Default Dfiferences of Paris Visite card?

    Two years ago, I travelled to Paris, and I stumbled upon a very interesting question about Paris Visite, that has not been answered so far... at least for me.

    If you buy PV card from ticket boots you will receive a magnetic ticket and and accompanying non-transferable card, but if you buy it from ticket machines, you will get only a magnetic card!

    I did not want to risk last time, and I bought it from one of Welcome centres in Paris.

    Question is can you have problems with ticket inspectors if you only posses magnetic ticket?

    Supposedly, you need both "parts" of Paris Visite ticket.

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    I think they are phasing out the "two-part" Paris Visite where there is a both a magnetic ticket (that will work in the gates) and an accompanying card.

    The magnetic ticket used to only have a space to write the start date of the ticket. The accompanying card had the ticket number (to link it to the ticket) and a space to write your name. The magnetic ticket has been redesigned so that it now has two spaces, one for your name and one for the start date, thus making the accompanying card unnecessary. All the information is now written on the ticket.

    This new style of Visite is what is now being sold officially at the ticket windows (at CDG for example), and they don't give you one of the accompanying cards, so I am sure that there will be no problems with ticket inspectors.

    Previously, if you bought the old style magnetic ticket from a machine, you were supposed to go to the ticket window to be given one of the accompanying cards (which would be free, as you had already paid for the ticket).
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