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Thread: Train from CDG to Ermont

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    Default Train from CDG to Ermont

    Can someone pls help me figure out which specific trains to take from CDG to Ermont? We're are a group of 5 (50-young 75 yrs old). It 's our first time to Paris, for 6 days, arriving on a Sun @5pm and will buy the Navigo Decouverte 1wk pass. We're be staying w/our host in Ermont, Zone 4. I realize that it'll be a bit inconvenient to travel to & back each day to do our sightseeings leisurely, but free accommodation trumps inconveniences cuz we're all on a tight budget. I know getting a taxi will be easier, but since we'll have the train pass, why not use it right away to save $ (often took public transportations in our previous trips in Asia & US). I did home works.. seems like from the airport we've to go into the city then catch connecting trains back out and up to Ermont. I'm unsure of which are the best , shortest connections for us to take. We travel light, only 1 carry on per person and are all in good health. Any other helpful tips is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've linked the Transilien journey planner below. You can enter your start and finish points into that and see what it recommends (for CDG airport start typing AEROPORTE....) . Basically it is saying to take the RER B train from the airport to Gare de Nord and to change there onto a suburban train out to Ermont. The planner will give you specific train numbers and times, but not the platform numbers. When you change trains at Gare du Nord you will have to look at the TV monitors to find out which platform your onward train will depart from.

    However, Ermont is served by more than one railway station. You can see them by looking on Google Maps. Ermont Eaubonne is the most central of the stations but there are a couple of others that may be closer to your accommodation. If so it would be worth experimenting with them in the journey planner as they may give you different train options.

    The trains should not be a problem for you give that you will be travelling fairly light, and hopefully as it's a Sunday should not be too busy going into Paris at 6 to 7pm or so by the time you clear Immigration and buy your tickets.

    The worm in the apple of your plan is that the Navigo pass runs from Monday to Sunday inclusive, and you can't purchase the current week after Thursday. You will need to buy single ride tickets for your journey, and for five of you at 12 euros each a taxi would not be much more expensive (although you may need two taxis).


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