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Thread: 3 Day Pass

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    Default 3 Day Pass

    I'm going to Paris this month and flying into CDG. Is it possible to buy a 3 day zone 1-2 pass at the airport or do I need to get that at Gare du Nord?

    Thank you

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    There are ticket offices at each of the two train stations at CDG (Terminal 2 and Terminal 3) where you will be able to purchase the pass. At the Terminal 2 station there are two lines, one for long distance trains and one for local tickets. Make sure you are in the right line - they can be quite slow moving.

    As you probably realise already, the 2 zone pass will not cover your trip from CDG to central Paris - you will have to buy a single ride ticket for that (about 10 euros). But that is usually the most economical thing to do - a 5-zone pass is often a waste of money if the only 5-zone trip you are going to do is the airport ride.

    In case you haven't already seen it, there is an article about passes on the home page of this website (the one you're on now, Paris By Train). Scroll down to Tickets and Passes:


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