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Thread: express trains

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    Red face express trains


    arriving at CDG airport on mon july29th planning on taking a train into paris how can you tell which trains are express going to Luxembourg station
    thank you

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    Hi Finny,

    Express RER B trains from CDG Airport have four letter designations such as PEPE and KROL and PLAN. You can see these four letter designations on the over head monitors listing the train times at the airport train stations and on the train platform. You can also see this four letter designation on the front of the train itself, above the driver's cabin window.

    Any RER B train that is KROL, KRIN or JIBY, will be an express train making zero stops between CDG and Paris. KROL's run between ~9am-4pm. KRIN and JIBY RER B trains run during the evenings. The train's first stop will be Gare du Nord station in Paris. This will be the fastest RER B train from CDG into Paris. Once in Paris, these "express" RER B trains will stop at all Paris stations, including Luxembourg.

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