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Thread: purchasing a 5-day Metro pass

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    Default purchasing a 5-day Metro pass

    Is it possible to purchase a 5-day Metro pass from Metro vending machines? Can I purchase a pass once I arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport? Can I purchase a pass at Metro stations? Or are these passes only available for advance purchase prior to my arrival in Paris?

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    Hi Charles,

    5-day Paris Visite passes are sold at Metro/RER/Transilien ticket windows. You can also purchase Paris Visite passes from automated vending machines, but you must visit a ticket window after to collect an identification card that goes with the Paris Visite (which kind of defeats the purpose of using the ticket vending machine). The identification card requires that you write your name and Paris Visite pass ticket # on it for identification purposes when and if you are asked to show your ticket to a controller. Without a completed identification card you can be fined.

    You can purchase this pass at CDG Airport upon arrival. You can also purchase the Paris Visite pass at any Metro or RER station.

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