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Thread: Paris Visite Pass or Navigo Decouverte

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    Question Paris Visite Pass or Navigo Decouverte


    I will be reaching Paris on 9th September(Wednesday) morning at CDG airport. I'll be staying there until 11th . I'll be staying at Rue Antoine. 12th (Saturday)morning I'll leave Paris and will take a TGV train from Paris East station. I have some queries
    1) Which pass best for me- PAris Visite or Navigo Decouverte? I want visit Varsailles and Montmarte but not Disneyland. Will pass for 1-5 zone cover all this?
    2) I''ll be travelling from CDG airport to the hotel by RER B. Can anyone tell me whether trolleys are available to carry the luggage from CDG to RER B station? I'll travelling with my infant son.

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    Hi Ghosh,

    1) Navigo Découverte pass for 1-5 zones will cover your travel needs from Wednesday to Saturday (4 days, which doesn't exist for Paris Visite: either 1, 2,3 or 5 days).

    2) You can use trolleys up until the escalators at the train station (inside of the Airport, and I'm referring to Terminal 2), at which point you have to leave the trolley behind and descend to the train levels (3 levels below).

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