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Thread: Disneyland Paris to CDG

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    I will be traveling from Disneyland Paris to CDG on Sept. 9th. Rather than go back into Paris, then north to CDG via train (an hour and a half trip), I see that the TGV has a direct connection which takes 9 minutes.(!) However, with my elementary French I cannot navigate the TGV site. What is the fare? I don't suppose that it would be covered by any of the different Paris passes- Navigo Decouverte perhaps? Any other suggestion as to DLP to CDG transfer?

    Thanks in advance./ cel

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    Hi Cel,

    The prices vary between 24 and 15 the last time I checked.

    CDG to Disney is not covered by any passes or tickets offered by the RATP (Paris Transit Authority).

    Try using the TGV-Europe.com site (for the UK) instead of Voyages-SNCF.com for an English version of the same train itineraries.

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