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Thread: 1-5 Zone Mobilis ticket

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    Default 1-5 Zone Mobilis ticket

    Hello Ben,

    Can I use this Zone 1-5 Mobilis Ticket to travel from CDG into Paris or travel both ways from Paris to CDG ?

    I read somewhere that CDG Airport tickets are specially priced and Mobilis tickets cannot be use for travel to the Airport.

    What is the most economical way for me to send a friend to the airport and return to my hotel on the same day. There are 3 of us and 2 are returning to the hotel in Paris after dropping off the friend at the airport.

    I calculated it would cost me € 42.00 for the 2 + a friend just to go to the airport and 2 of us return to our hotel.

    Can I use the Mobilis DAY PASS?
    If yes, that would help safe a few euros.

    Just wondering.

    Tahnks for your input.


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    Hi Chris,

    Ticket Mobilis is unfortunately not valid at all to or from CDG Airport.

    Would a week-long Passe Navigo Découverte be viable for your travel plans in Paris?

    Best regards,

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