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Thread: going to further zones than pass?

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    Default going to further zones than pass?

    My family will be in the Paris area for three weeks and we plan to get the Navigo Decouverte. We are staying in Zone 4 and will be going in to Paris regularly, so intend to get the Zone 1-4 weekly passes. If we decide to go on a further trip on the RER one day, is there just an "add-on" ticket we get? like an extra zone or two? Or do we need to purchase a regular RER ticket for the entire length of the trip if we're going beyond the zones on the pass? Thanks!

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    Hi AJ,

    There isn't an add-on or top-up for Passe Navigo, that lets you go beyond your chosen Zones. For this trip you could either purchase paper tickets from machines or ticket windows that would cover all the zones required, or get off at Zone 4, purchase a billet Ile-de-France ticket from there, to complete the trip into zones 5 or 6.

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