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Thread: "Paris Visite" card to Beuvais?

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    Default "Paris Visite" card to Beuvais?

    Hi Ben
    Being to Paris I'll (we'll) tend to buy the "Paris Visite" card for 6 zones (my campsite is in Maison Lafitte). My plane departures from Beauvais airport. Am I allowed to reach Beauvais by Ile-de-France train exhibiting this card? I counted it could be payable for 3 person (Shuttle 3x13 Euros, taxi 1x 15 Euros from railway station to airport).
    Sorry for my English, which isn't my mother tongue.

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    Default Re: "Paris Visite" card to Beuvais?

    Hi mmjj,

    The Paris Visite card is not valid for train trips to Beauvais unfortunately, which is outside of the Ile-de-France area.

    Another convenient way to reach Beauvais is by shuttle bus between Porte Maillot and Beauvais-Tille Airport.

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