I tried to use the TGV-Europe site so as to avoid fees. I finally got to the confirmation page, but it did not allow for pick up of tickets at the station agent, only the machines. I was frustrated because it took a while to get an acceptable version of CDG station and EuroDisney. It turns out you need to specify CDG as AIRPORT CDG 2 TGV (95) and the EuroDisney station as MARNE LA VALLEE CHESSY (77). When I finally got to the confirmation, the site DID NOt allow for pick up from a real person.

I landed up spending more on time than I would have saved. I have resolved to just try and pick up tickets when we arrive at CDG, especially since we don't know ho long it will take to claim luggage and get through customs.

I appreciate the detail you go into. I am sure that we will be referring to your site. Thank you