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Thread: Picking up tgv tickets

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    Default Picking up tgv tickets

    Hi Ben

    Your site is great - it's amazing that something so seemingly simple requires so much explanation.

    I have been reading up on your instructions on buying tgv tickets without fees (i'm in Canada) - seems fairly straightforward. I'm just wondering if you can confirm that it is possible to pick up the tickets at a tgv ticket window as I don't have a credit card with a chip. I've been searching for idtgv printable tickets where possible but there are still a few trips where they aren't available.

    If you could let me know, that would would be fantastic. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    Default Re: Picking up tgv tickets

    I am no expert but I ordered my tickets online from the US. I went to the ticket window with a printout of the email confirming my reservation and the credit card I used to make the reservation, and had no problem getting the ticket. It must be the same card.
    The card with the chip appears to be only necessary to use the machine.

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