Hello -

I am getting ready for my first ever trip to Europe (yay!) We will be visiting Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Venice.

As far as Train travel, we really are only planning very limited train travel...here are the legs and the dates of travel...

5/18 - Train from Amsterdam to Paris (may stop at Brusselss for lunch)
5/21 - Overnight train from Paris to Barcelona (Do you see any problems with waiting to make this reservation until I get to France on 5/18 - train to Barcelona will be on 5/21)?
5/25 - Train from Rome to Venice

We are flying from Barcelona to Rome so no need for train tix here.

Based on reading info on this site, I was thinking the best way to save money is to book the tickets when I get to Europe? I was planning on mixing and matching 1st and 2nd class travel.