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Thread: Paris visite pass/card

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    Default Paris visite pass/card

    Where can I buy the Paris visite pass/card (3 days/3 zones). I can not find this information on the website Parisbytrain.com.
    I would like to order this pass online, so that I will already have when I arrive in Paris.

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    Default Re: Paris visite pass/card

    I just did a search for online vendors of Paris Visite cards and the offers are quite disappointing.

    One charges 29,90 for mail delivery of the pass to the United States and 19,90 for Western Europe. Regular mail delivery was not offered, and for no reason. This is on top of the 45% premium over the actual cost of the pass (example: 12 vs. 8,80 for a 1 day 3 zone Paris Visite pass bought in Paris).

    Another vendor charges $23,76 USD for Fedex delivery to the US for a Paris Visite passe, although without premium to the normal cost of the pass itself.

    In other words, I'm not going to relay you these links and do a disservice to you and to others reading this forum. Paris Visite passes can be bought very easily at any ticket booth throughout Paris and surrounding Ile-de-France region, with no extra fees and no premiums.

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