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Thread: Ticket vs Pass for travel from CDG

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    Default Ticket vs Pass for travel from CDG

    I am travelling in a group of 4 adults. We are arriving a CDG at about 7pm on a Saturday and staying at an apartment very near Alexandre Dumas station.

    Should we Ile de France passes at E9.10 or just purchase tickets?

    If I understand correctly tickets are E12.50 for a carnet of 10, we would require 5 tickets each to travel across 5 zones from CDG, therefore 2 carnet would be enough.



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    If the tickets you are referring to by carnet are the Metro t+ tickets, then they are only valid on the RER within Zone 1 and will not be suitable for travel from CDG.

    If by "Ile de France passes at E9.10" you are referring to a 1-day Paris Visite pass at E9.30, this price is not valid from CDG. You would need to buy the Zone 1-5 1-day version at E19.60. Whether this is better value than a E9.10 single ticket from CDG to Alexandre Dumas station would depend if you plan on making a lot of other journeys that same day on the pass.

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