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Thread: bougival to nanterre / la defense

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    Default bougival to nanterre / la defense


    i am going to be in bougival in march and am planning to meet someone from Paris who works in nanterre.

    could anyone please help me answer the following questions?:
    - how far is bougival to paris
    - which is the nearest paris metro/RER station
    - if I want to go from bougival to nanterre (or la defense), which would be the best route (and approximately how long will it take to reach there)

    thanks in advance,

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    You can see the answer to your first two questions by opening up Google Maps and zooming in on the Bougival area and the train station.

    To get from Bougival to Nanterre, take the train from Bougival station to La Defense (about 20 minutes), then tranfer onto RER Line A to get to Nanterre. There is more than one Nanterre station, so make sure you pick the correct RER A train from La Defense. The map of the RER linked below shows the RER line A but not the line from Bougival to La Defense.


    To see specific train times, use the Transilien journey planner: http://www.transilien.com/web/site/lang/en

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