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Thread: cdg to disneyparis

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    Default cdg to disneyparis

    i am flying to paris cdg and was wondering if i need to buy tgv tickets in advance or buy when i get to the airport,bearing in mind cogestion around the ticket office,
    i am arriving by plane on a wednesday around 5.00 pm.should i book return tickets to cdg
    maybe you can tell me if the tgv trains are heavily booked?
    would it be practical to travel into paris first for some sightseeing and then go to disney where my hotel is located

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    It's possible to buy the tickets in advance, but for such a short journey (10 minutes) it hardly seems worth it. However as you correctly say it would save you the hassle of queuing up at the ticket window at CDG. Bear in mind that TGV tickets are for a specific train and time as they include a seat reservation. Allow plenty of time for baggage retrieval - immigration and customs formalities are reasonably quick at CDG but baggage can take a while.

    It's unlikely that the TGVs from CDG to Disneyland would be fully booked, but it's possible. But they are reasonably frequent, so the worst case scenario would be you might have to wait 15 minutes or so for the next one. Return tickets are up to you - there is no cost benefit of return as opposed to two singles - suggest booking the return or not depending on other factors. Disneyland TGV station is not usually busy, unlike CDG.

    You could certainly travel into Paris first for some sightseeing. Catch RER Line B from CDG to central Paris (perhaps to the Gare du Nord) and then take RER Line A back out to Disneyland. Depending how much luggage you have with you, you may prefer to drop it at the lockers at Gare du Nord station while you are in Central Paris. Bear in mind that the rush hour will be happening from 5pm onwards and the trains will get crowded.
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