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Thread: 6 days in Marais + 1 way tix to CDG - which pass?

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    Default 6 days in Marais + 1 way tix to CDG - which pass?

    We are taking the TGV from Avignons on a Tuesday. Spending 6 days in Paris. Then returning to CDG for flight stateside. Should we purchase two 3 day, zone 1-3 passes and then a separate metro tix to airport the morning of departure?

    We probably won't go into the higher zones for any sightseeing.

    Thank you!

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    What you suggest is usually the cheapest option, i.e. don't buy a pass that covers the airport if you are not travelling in the higher zones. Single ticket to and from CDG is usually the way to go. An alternative to day passes is to buy a discount carnet (book) of 10 individual single-ride tickets that are valid on Zones 1-2 in Paris. Unlike passes, you can share these between people in your group. Whether this would be cheaper than passes depends on the precise details of how many trips you are likely to make, how many people you can share them between etc. It's only going to be a few euros either way anyway.

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