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Thread: 12 days in France

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    Default 12 days in France

    2 seniors staying at EuroDisney in Oct, traveling into Paris/surrounding for 7 days, then to Avignon for 5 day stay with car rental, and finaly to Nice for train to Italy. what is best pass? so confusing between Eurail etc. perfer slower train to sightsee

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    It's difficult to give specific advice, because it depends on so many things. But in general it is fair to say that railpasses are often not the cheapest way of travelling. If you need flexibility of date of travel, then a railpass is a good option. But if you can commit to specific dates and times of travel, and can book early (up to 90 days in advance of travel) then very cheap fares can be found online at tgv-europe.com. For example, I have seen Paris-Marseilles for 22 euros.

    If you prefer the flexibility of a railpass, then you can find the 4-day France pass for under $US300. This might be a good option for your travel, although it won't cover the travel into Italy.

    For detailed advice on long-distance train travel in Europe, I suggest visiting the excellent Man in Seat 61 website (just google that).

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