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Thread: Most cost effective tickets - input please

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    Default Most cost effective tickets - input please

    Hi I arrive at Charles De Gaulle on Sunday morning travel to St Michel, Notre Dame to drop baggage at the hotel and then travel to Versailles and back.
    On Monday travel Paris local and Montemare.
    On Teusday back to Charles de Gaulle airport and out of France.
    What is the most cost effective ticket / tickets to purchase?

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    It usually works out cheapest to buy tickets from CDG to central Paris (approx 10 euros per person per way), then either:

    buy individual ride tickets in Paris on the Metro/RER as you need them, or
    buy a carnet of 10 individual tickets for a 10% or so discount per ride, if you are going to do at least 7 or 8 journeys totalled up between the group, or
    buy a day pass if you are really going to hammer the travel system with 15 or 20 rides (but you need one pass per person and can't share them the way you can with a book of individual tickets).

    There's a good writeup on tickets on the homepage, http://parisbytrain.com/. Scroll down to Tickets and Passes.

    Edit: Sorry, I missed the bit in your post about Versailles. Still, have a read of the homepage article about Versailles anyway - it's relevant to your question.
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