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Thread: arrive by [email protected] & time to reach gate?

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    Question arrive by [email protected] & time to reach gate?

    On 9-11 I will arrive on TGV at 11 a.m. from Tours at Terminal 2 and my flight to the US departs at 1:15 from Terminal 2A. I need to know how far a walk it is and very specifically where to go. Im guessing Ill need to go thru passport control and I am directionally challenged so am trying to do my homework.

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    You could walk from the TGV platforms to the check-in area in 2A in about 15-20 minutes. I wouldn't speculate on whether that leaves you enough time for your flight, because it depends on many things, like if you have checked in online, if you have baggage to check, what your airline's deadline policy is etc. Bear in mind baggage drop, passport control and security screening before you get to the gate. Also bear in mind that TGVs are occasionally 5 or 10 minutes late, very infrequently 20 or 30 minutes late.

    The TGV station is right underneath Terminal 2. Here is a map of the airport:


    The station (called "Gare TGV" on the map) is between Terminals 2E/F and 2C/D. All of Terminal 2 including the station is interconnected by undercover walkways, so you don't need to go outside or catch a bus. You will have to take the escalators or elevators from the TGV platforms up to the airport departures level, then exit the TGV station. Make sure you turn towards Terminals 2A/B/C/D and not Terminals 2E/F or you will be walking the wrong way! There are plenty of signs.
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