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Thread: Paris to Rue Lecourbe

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    Default Paris to Rue Lecourbe

    We are visiting Paris for the first time. We were wondering how will get from the Charles de Gaulle Airport to our hotel on Rue Lecourbe using the RER Blue Train and what are our connections from there.

    Thanks for the help.

    Paris bound!

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    Default Re: Paris to Rue Lecourbe

    Rue Lecourbe has two metro lines which run on either side, Line 8 and Line 12, so either one will likely work for you.

    Try giving the [urlnf=http://www.ratp.info/touristes/index.php?langue=en&rub=reperer&cat=itineraires:2v j778ds]RATP (Paris Public Transit Authority) Itinerary tool a try[/urlnf:2vj778ds]: Change the Departure "Category" to Station and enter Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2, then on the Destination side enter the address for your hotel. You may have to select a more precise value for the departure station if the tool doesn't recognize the name you've provided.

    From time to time the Itinerary tool doesn't work (like right now).

    Let me know if you manage to find a good itinerary or not.

    Have a great first trip to Paris!
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