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Thread: TGV Station at CDG Airport!

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    Default TGV Station at CDG Airport!


    I am getting married in France in August and I am writing a list of instructions for family so they can get the TGV from Charles De Gaulle airport to Le Mans. The thing is, I've NEVER taken the TGV from CDG, only the RER, so I don't know how to get to the TGV Station or where they need to "composter" their tickets.

    Could you please tell me (1) how to find the TGV station from the Airport, and (2) where they "composter" their tickets?


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    The Terminal 2 complex contains a railway station that serves both the TGV trains and the RER (commuter train) line running to Paris. The article linked below is written from the point of view of catching the RER train, but just ignore that aspect and read the layout and directions to get to the station.


    There are "composter" machines at the station on the level immediately above platform level, NOT on the platforms themselves. Note that you only have to compost the traditional rectangular card tickets; if you have bought print-at-home style tickets off the internet, these don't need to be composted.

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