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Thread: Dijon to Charles de Gaulle

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    I am planning a trip soon and will be staying in Paris for a few days then going down to Dijon for several more days. We will rent a car at some point to use while in Dijon. I am worried about the last day of the trip getting back from Dijon to Charles de Gaulle airport to catch a 1:20 international flight (must be there by 11:20 am). I trying to decide if it will be better to rent a car in Dijon and drive to Charles de Gaulle airport OR to take the TGV from Dijon. If we take the TGV, is there any way to get off closer to CDG and take a taxi over? Or must we take the TGV to Gare de Lyon and get a taxi, bus or rer to the airport which may add on an extra hour to two hours? Thanks for your advice.

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    CDG airport has a TGV station underneath it and many trains run from southern France to the station on the way to the north. There is a Monday-Friday TGV from Dijon to the airport, leaving Dijon at 06:32 and arriving at 08:20. Possibly a little earlier than you might wish, but would certainly get you there in time. Edit: also runs on Sat and Sun about an hour later.

    An alternative is to simply get a hotel near the airport for your last night. Personally I prefer to do this rather than having the worry of the train getting delayed or cancelled and then missing an international connection. Depends on your travel insurance, I guess!
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