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Thread: CDG to Gare Lyon

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    Default CDG to Gare Lyon

    We have 2 hours (if plane is on time)to get from CDG to our train at Gare Lyon. Is this possible or should we change our train reservations? What way is quickest-train(which one?), Blue Van? Taxi? Plane arrives Sat., 9:10AM, Train departs 11:20 for Beziers

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    Here's a map of the RER (commuter train) network.


    You can catch RER line B from the airport and change at Chatelet les Halles to RER line A and go one stop to the Gare de Lyon. A taxi might be a bit quicker when you take into consideration you will have to queue up for a ticket at CDG not to mention changing trains in Paris. You will probably be travelling late enough in the day to miss the worst of the peak hour traffic.

    I think your intinerary is tight. You might very well get away with it. But you have to allow time for clearing immigration and customs as well as ticket purchase and the travel itself. Personally I would re-book on a later train if you have re-bookable tickets, but that's just me. Depends what you have to lose if you miss the train to Beziers.

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