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Thread: Train Info - RER vs. Metro switch and pricing

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    Default Train Info - RER vs. Metro switch and pricing

    My family is excited to have a layover in Paris for a flight to Barcelona. We have 7.5 hours. I have information about taking the RER, but where do I get off and switch to a Metro train to get to the Eiffel tower? What is the most economical way to do this? Is there time to take in Notre Dame Cathedral? Is this possible and how should we work this into a quick itinerary? We hope to take a picture, get postcards, and get back on the train. Our goal is to say we were there, so we are not interested in museums or other attractions. We will be arriving on Saturday morning in mid-June. Any advice?

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    Here is a map of the RER network:


    You can see that if you get off the RER B from the airport at St. Michel/Notre Dame and transfer to RER C you can go west to Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel. So you can pick and choose whether to go to Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower first. If you have 7.5 hours in central Paris you should have time to go to both, but if the 7.5 hours is the time between your flight arrival and departure times, you may have to settle for only one of them (or maybe not climbing the Tower), by the time you allow from clearing immigration, buying tickets, travel to and from central Paris and a safety margin.

    Unless you are carrying euro coins, you will have to go to ticket windows at CDG and in Paris to buy tickets, as foreign credit cards rarely work in the automated ticket machines in France (but are okay at the staffed ticket counters). It's about 9 euros per person each way from CDG to central Paris. By comparison a taxi is about 50-60 euros.

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