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Thread: 1-day pass on Metro:using it to ride from CDG-bastill

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    Default 1-day pass on Metro:using it to ride from CDG-bastill

    I am arriving at CDG and will be getting off at Gare du nord from where my girlfriend and I will take the Metro to hotel in Arr.4 (Bastille area). We want to travel to eiffel towar the same day so I was wondering if
    1) I should buy a 1 day pass at CDG ticket counter?
    2) Buy for which zones? ratp website says that Zone1-3 it is E8,80. But so far as I know CDG is zone 5.
    3) On the following webpage you say that 1 ticket from CDG to Gare du Nord will also give me transfer to anywhre else on the Metro or RER.
    http://parisbytrain.com/paris-airport-t ... hoto-tour/
    Does this mean I can also travel from Bastille to anywhere and back to Bastille on the same day?
    4) In other words by paying 8,80 (Zone 1-3) can I travel from CDG-Bastille and Bastille-Eiffel-Bastille on the same day?

    Thanks much for your answer!

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    Default Re: 1-day pass on Metro:using it to ride from CDG-bastill


    Unfortunately, you need the 6 zone Paris Visite one day pass (18,80) to travel from CDG Airport to Paris.

    A better choice would be to purchase a single Billet Ile-de-France ticket for the RER B train between CDG and Paris, and also purchase a 1-2 zone Ticket Mobilis day ticket for your travels within Paris (unlimited rides within Paris zones 1-2, covers all of central Paris). Ticket Mobilis for the day will be 5,80. Single Billet Ile-de-France is 8,40 from CDG to Paris.

    Ticket Mobilis is not valid between CDG Airport and Paris, hence it makes no sense to purchase a 1-5 zone Ticket Mobilis.

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