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Thread: Gare du Nord to Rueil Malmaison?

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    Default Gare du Nord to Rueil Malmaison?

    Well, I have downloaded and looked at map, stations, schematic diagrams, but can't find how to get there by underground, Le Metro. The plan your journey website doesn't seem to let you put in beginning and end of journey and then give you a list of what to do. I will be at Gare du Nord and want to get to Rue Colonel de Rochebrune ( I am prepared to walk there from Rueil Malmaison station). But how do I get to Rueil-Malmaison please? Help please. I can read French as well as English. I just don't speak or compose French very well. No hurry, I won't be in Paris until early October.


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    Hi Rosie, a good website for planning journeys in Paris is Transilien:


    If you type in Paris Nord as departure and Rueil-Malmaison as arrival you will get all the details. You can try different times of day to suit your needs. It will give you all the options for earliest arrival (arrivee a plus tot), fewest changes (le moins de correspondances) and least amount of walking (le moins de marche a pied), with maps and the details of what RER or Metro or bus to catch. I tried it with your route and it works fine (looks like two trips on the RER).

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