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    Hi Guys, in a couple of weeks i'll be travelling to Paris and landing at Charles de Gaulle airport. I've never flown before but that is the least of my problems. You see i'm a simple small town chap and for the life of me i cant work out the Paris Metro. I understand i can get a train from Airport to Paris but i'm bemused as to where i get off, what metro line i take etc etc.

    Basically i need someone to tell me the best way to get from CDG airport to Metro Station La Motte Piquet Grenelle?

    All help gratefully received.

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    Hi, a good website for Paris travel is Transilien:


    Type in Aeroport CDG 1 as departure and and La Motte Piquet Grenelle as arrival. Enter your time of day and date. Then click on "Details" (you can choose from earliest arrival (arrivee a plus tot), fewest changes (le moins de correspondances) and least amount of walking (le moins de marche a pied). It will give you maps and the details of what RER or Metro or bus to catch.

    So it looks like it is recommending you catch the RER (commuter type train) from the airport to central Paris, then have a short walk to a Metro station and then a few minutes on the Metro (underground train) to La Motte Piquet Grenelle.

    There is a similar option that is a little slower but has less walking, so you might prefer that one.

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