Hi All,

I am planning to go to the above 3 countries, seek your help and advise on the transport please.
1. i will be in Paris for 3 days - after the reading the full email thread, i assume i should get the 3 day pass train ticket to help me save money? is there any other alternative to save money?

2. Belgium - i am planning just to drop by for lunch only, no overnight stay. I am planning to do this on my way to Holland (i.e. transit in Brussel). I was looking at the train planner, but it seems that none of them have a "stop over" type of ticket. so, i might need to get a one way ticket to Brussel and another ticket to Amsterdam from Brussel. is that the best way? any other option or recommendation?

3. Could you please recommend me a place/city outside Paris (max 2 hours travel) that is highly recommended and something that must not be missed?

thanks a lot for your help in advance.