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Thread: Toulouse to Paris

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    Hi. I plan to travel from Toulouse Gare Matabiau to Paris. I have a Eurail pass. Do I need a TGV ticket also? If so, does it need to be validated? Lastly, does the TGV ticket mean a reserved seat, or is there open seating?


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    Your Eurail Pass will be good for TGV travel. BUT you must reserve a seat on the TGV. This has to be done as far in advance as possible since seats set aside for Eurail Pass holders, much like economy seating on airlines at reduced prices, are limited. Suggest you contact the agency issuing your Eurail Pass to discuss your options.

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    If you are already in France, you can simply go to any SNCF station and they will sell you a reservation. Alternatively you can make an online reservation to go with a railpass at www.raileurope.com (for a fee on top of the reservation cost). But as Frank said, don't leave it till the last minute or you may not be able to get one. Also, you should be aware that reservations for Eurail pass holders can cost almost 20 euros on peak hour TGV trains.

    Toulouse is well served for trains to Paris. If it turned out that all the Eurail pass reservations for the TGVs had been taken and they would not sell you one, there are the only slightly slower non-TGV express trains to Paris Gare d'Austerlitz via Limoges. Reservations are required, but you won't have a problem getting one unless the train is completely full. Also, you will only pay the basic 3 euro reservation charge.

    If you have a ticket that is printed on a rectangular card, then yes, it needs to be validated before you get on the train. If you have an airline style paper ticket or a print-at-home A4 sheet of paper ticket with a barcode like an airline boarding pass, then you don't need to validate.
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