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Thread: CDG to Campanile Saint Denis Centre

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    Default CDG to Campanile Saint Denis Centre

    Could you please advise best way to get from CDG to Campanile hotel at Saint Denis centre

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    Your destination is difficult from CDG. The route I give you below is the route I would follow. There are others but this route keeps you on the RER/Metro system without transferring to trams/buses, something I try to avoid.

    From CDG take RER B toward Paris.
    Exit RER B at Gare du Nord.
    Walk (short distance via tunnel) from Gare du Nord to La Chapelle Metro station.
    From La Chapelle take Metro 2; Direction: Port Dauphine.
    Exit Metro 2 at Place de Clichy.
    From Place de Clichy take Metro 13; Direction: St-Denis Universite
    Exit Metro 13 at Basilique de St-Denis.
    Your hotel is very close to this Metro stop.

    I realize you are going into Paris (Gare du Nord) and then going out of Paris on Metro 13, but, again, this is the route I would use. The trip should take about one hour.

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