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    Hello Ben , I am a 60 year old Aussie travelling to Paris in July 2012 . We have no prior understanding of your rail system so need a few answers to questions asked. We will arrive on the Thalys from Amsterdam at Gare du Nord I believe - from there I need to get to Hotel Elysses Ceramic , 34 avenue de Wagram , 75008 Paris.
    I cannot figure out if we can get off the Thalys and then go up or down levels to find a Metro train that would get us there without too many changes - preferably none . We will be in Paris a total of 4 days so what is the best option for tickets that work in zones 1-3 . Also nearly all the maps I can access are too small to read - is there a larger map available on line anywhere.
    We need all the help we can get to avoid making monumental mistakes.

    Thank You

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